District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis has announced that she’ll resign in July as she explores a bid for the County Board of Supervisors.

Dumanis has been DA since 2003, and before saying goodbye she put a careful succession plan into place. She’s hand-picked Chief Deputy District Attorney Summer Stephan as her interim replacement.

By the end of June, the Board of Supervisors could go along with Dumanis’ plan and pick Stephan, or it could tap someone else. In 2018, someone will be elected for a full term.

Whoever ends up getting the interim job will have a clear advantage in the race.

On this week’s San Diego Explained, NBC7’s Monica Dean and Voice of San Diego’s Andrew Keatts detail the process to replace San Diego County’s district attorney.

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    Written by Kinsee Morlan

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    rhylton subscriber

    @Sharon Parks A crook for county DA and an incompetent for city Police Chief. We are not in good hands or in good shape.

    Joan Lockwood
    Joan Lockwood

    Who are we trying to kid? Miss Dumanis NEEDS to retire or be prosecuted BUT NOT be any part of San Diego LAW ENFORCEMENT or in the COUNTY. BUDGETARY POSITION?  Have we lost our minds?   She hast done enough damage to San Diego County by protecting corrupt law enforcement. at the SDPD and SD Sheriffs.

    Lets get  rid of the old guard who seems to morph into other positions of power for EVER!  Gore was FBI, then Sheriffs, Sanders was everything once. its time to free San Diego of the good old guys and gals.  Zimmerman is ready to go with 100 cases already on the Citizen's Review Board just EXPIRED because the CRB did not have time to get to them...this may be an improvement over Lansdowne...But it is a travesty of JUSTICE.  If I could have reported any of these issues...to a legitimate law enforcement  power- there is none in San Diego!

    Sharon Parks
    Sharon Parks

    Do we REALLY want another corrupt official on the Board of Supervisors?????? In case no one noticed she just came out of Federal court charged with collecting millions towards her office campain funding.How does a DA NOT know that fraud has been committed in her name? Especially when the investor was promised a deal on Seaport Village???????? We have homeless dying and going absolutely crazy from all of the abuse they have been subjected to since the city is being run by over weight Fat cats and gay liberals..Now she's on her way to the Supervisior office? How can you resigned one job in a questionable ..action and assume a more powerful role???? She's a crook San Diego, lets get them all out of office before we lose anymore families to the streets....