There are several things people don’t like about campaigns, and for Summer Stephan, chief deputy district attorney and a candidate for DA in 2018, fundraising makes her sick. Literally.

“I love the campaigning part where you get to meet people but the fundraising, I threw up two nights in a row,” she said. “It’s weird because you’re supposed to be a public servant and the last thing you want to do so much money.”

Stephan is so far the only candidate to throw her hat in the race (there are candidates for the interim role, but they’ve said they won’t run in 2018) and has racked up support from local officials on both sides of the aisle.

Listen to the full interview with Stephan and co-hosts Scott Lewis and Andrew Keatts.

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    Written by Adriana Heldiz

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    lorisaldana subscriber

    Kudos to Ms. Stephan for acknowledging the campaign finance dilemma: how to raise money without making yourself- and your constituents- sick. For as the recent "healthcare" vote in the US Congress has demonstrated- There is much to make people even sicker in how US elections are financed, and how officials vote once in office. 

    The fact is- no one can fully prepare a candidate for this. It's one reason I encourage more people to run for office, to find out for themselves how horrible this fundraising system has become, and work to change it. 

    Also, science tells us it's unwise to ignore an upset stomach: "...researchers have discovered that the nerve cells in the belly are more than just the workhorses of digestion. In fact, they are saying we have a "second brain"—a simple nervous system in the belly that functions unconsciously, partly independent of the big brain in our heads." 

    For all these reasons, I hope Ms. Stephan listens to her stomach, seeks a better way to fund her campaign, and becomes a better public servant as a result of her gastric distress- whatever the outcome of the election.