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What It’s Like to Run a Business During the Pandemic

In this video, we hear from several business owners about their experience over the past month. Many are eager to know what’s next, while others wonder whether they’ll make it through at all.

Meet the Pandemic Decision-Makers

In a new video, we break down exactly who has what power during the coronavirus pandemic in San Diego and go over what decisions they’ve made.  

San Diego Explained: Election Takeaways

To better understand the results from Tuesday’s election, Voice of San Diego’s Scott Lewis and NBC 7’s Catherine Garcia go through some of the biggest takeaways of the night and explain what they mean.

San Diego Explained: How Safe Parking Lots Work

On this week’s San Diego Explained, Voice of San Diego’s Kayla Jimenez teamed up with NBC 7’s Catherine Garcia to explain how safe parking lot programs work.