Our Team

CEO and Editor in Chief

Scott Lewis, CEO/Editor in Chief

Email: scott.lewis@voiceofsandiego.org
Phone: 619.325.0527 (office) or 619.701.6664 (cell)

Scott oversees Voice of San Diego’s operations, its website and daily functions. He also writes about local politics, where he frequently breaks news and goes back and forth with local political figures.

Julianne Markow, COO

Julianne Markow, Chief Operating Officer

Email: julianne@voiceofsandiego.org
Phone: 619.550.5673

Julianne manages the business side of Voice, ensuring that the organization has the resources and support structures necessary for continued growth and success. She brings more than 25 years of corporate and not-for-profit management experience to VOSD.

Managing Editor

Sara Libby, Managing Editor

Email: sara.libby@voiceofsandiego.org
Phone: 619.325.0526

Sara is VOSD’s managing editor. She oversees VOSD’s newsroom and its content. Have a question about Voice of San Diego or one of its stories? Give her a call.

Staff Writer

Andrew Keatts, Assistant Editor

Email: andrew.keatts@voiceofsandiego.org
Phone: 619.325.0529

Andrew sees land use coverage as a way to make sense of the complex land-use decisions governments make while explaining how those decisions affect the daily lives of San Diegans.


Engagement Editor

Kinsee Morlan, Engagement Editor

Email: kinsee.morlan@voiceofsandiego.org
Phone: 619.550.5668

Kinsee is VOSD’s engagement editor. She handles daily operations, while helping to plan new long-term projects for the news organization as a whole.

Associate Editor

Jesse Marx, Associate Editor

Email: jesse.marx@voiceofsandiego.org
Phone: 619.550.5663

Jesse is VOSD’s associate editor and manages the op-ed section. He also writes about cannabis and politics. He hails from Chicago and, along the way, reported for newspapers in Portland, Minneapolis and Palm Springs.

Staff Writer

Lisa Halverstadt, Staff Writer

Email: lisa.halverstadt@voiceofsandiego.org
Phone: 619.325.0528

Lisa writes about San Diego city and county governments. She welcomes story tips and questions.

Staff Writer

Mario Koran, Staff Writer

Email: mario.koran@voiceofsandiego.org
Phone: 619.325.0531

Mario is an investigative reporter focused on immigration, border and related criminal justice issues.

Staff Writer

Ashly McGlone, Staff Writer

Email: ashly.mcglone@voiceofsandiego.org
Phone: 619.550.5669

Ashly is an investigative reporter for Voice of San Diego.

Staff Writer

Ry Rivard, Staff Writer

Email: ry.rivard@voiceofsandiego.org
Phone: 619.550.5665

Ry is a reporter for Voice of San Diego. He writes about water and land use.

Staff Writer

Maya Srikrishnan, Staff Writer

Email: maya.srikrishnan@voiceofsandiego.org
Phone: 619.550.5671

Maya is a reporter for Voice of San Diego. She writes about K-12 education with a focus on equity.

Assistant Digital Manager

Adriana Heldiz, Assistant Digital Manager

Email: adriana.heldiz@voiceofsandiego.org
Phone: 619.550.5667

Adriana is Voice of San Diego’s Assistant Digital Manager. She makes videos and helps manage the organization’s online presence.


Business Manager

Ana Gomez, Business Manager

Email: ana.gomez@voiceofsandiego.org
Phone: 619.550.5670

Ana Gomez assists with the administrative and membership support of Voice, ensuring that all member questions and concerns are addressed. She brings over 12 years of experience in executive administration and not-for-profit experience to VOSD.