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Keeping Small Biz Smiling

Meet the lady charged with making small businesses’ lives a little easier in San Diego. Plus, This Week in Drugs, Councilman Mark Kersey’s move on infrastructure and more on the podcast.

Around the city’s commercial neighborhoods, someone’s responsible for keeping small businesses happy.

That means everything from maintaining the community’s reputation as a nice shopping and street fest destination to negotiating with the city to ensure policies are in place to make business owners’ lives a little easier.

In San Diego, that someone is Liz Studebaker.

After a stint in Sacramento at the helm of the the Midtown Business Association, Studebaker came back to San Diego to fill a new position as advocate for the city’s Business Improvement Districts.

I chatted with her on this week’s podcast to find out how exactly that translates to the average San Diegan’s experience, and how you’ll be able to tell if she’s doing her job well.

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Also on the show, This Week in Drugs, Councilman Mark Kersey’s Hero-worthy move, a true Goat makes Mission Bay mighty terrifying and fact checking San Diego’s progress on emergency response. To get up to speed on One Paseo and Grantville, check our most recent stories here and here.

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