VOSD Radio: About-Face Filner

Barrio Logan

VOSD Radio: About-Face Filner

The former mayor’s decision to waive his right to confront his accusers was stunning, considering his riled up resignation speech. Plus, we hear from Kevin Faulconer on his record backing residents vs. industry.

We saw a much different Bob Filner last week.

The former mayor pleaded guilty Tuesday to two misdemeanor battery charges and one felony count of false imprisonment. As host Scott Lewis noted on this week’s show, the tail-between-his-legs decision to waive his right to confront his accuser was pretty shocking, considering the speech he gave when he resigned. Remember that? The one where he cried “lynch mob” in City Council chambers?

Lewis and co-host Andrew Keatts touched on the deal Filner got, before moving on to our current candidates in the upcoming special mayoral election.

One of those candidates, City Councilman Kevin Faulconer, joined Voice of San Diego by phone during the second half of the podcast to answer some questions about his record backing residents vs. industry in some previous disputes.

Keatts and Lewis summed up our Fact Check on David Alvarez’s claim about parks in San Diego.

Hero of the Week is Mary Tyranski, a member of FoodCorps, which just started up in San Diego, and Goat of the Week is the San Diego Superior Court – you’ll want to listen in on that if you missed reporter Joel Hoffmann’s story last week.

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