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People's Reporter: What the Census Can't Answer

No information on San Diego’s baby boomers or same-sex couples —


A few readers (my bosses today) sent me impossible assignments this morning. They’re impossible not for a lack of effort, but because the Census hasn’t released the information yet.

One asked me to examine the growth of seniors in the last decade since local officials have projected a surge from baby boomers. But that kind of information won’t be released for the 2010 Census until May.

Another asked me to figure out how many same-sex households there are in San Diego. But the Census doesn’t plan to release reports on the characteristics of married and unmarried same-sex couples until 2012.

The information that’s currently available describes the total number of people, its racial and ethnic makeup, the size of its voting population and how many housing units are occupied. It’s the basic information that governments have historically used to create new political boundaries.

To see a full list of the information that will be released in the future, check out this schedule posted online by the U.S. Census Bureau. Some of the more detailed information isn’t scheduled to be released until two years from now.

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