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Special Podcast: Barbara Bry's Newest Startup Is a Council Campaign

The entrepreneur and investor has pivoted many times in her life and career. We got her on the record about her successes and failures and important issues she would face on the City Council.

I am the CEO and editor in chief of Voice of San Diego. But I’m not the first one with that title. Barbara Bry was the first. When Voice of San Diego was coming together in 2004 and launched in 2005, Bry was the paid executive leader. The founders, Buzz Woolley and Neil Morgan and the rest of the board had put her in charge.

She had a background in online ventures, business and journalism. So it seemed perfect. Bry recruited me to be part of the organization.

But her stint did not last. About a year after she started pulling it all together, Andrew Donohue and I were in charge and she had moved on. Within a few years, Bry was in charge, with a few others, of another news startup in town, SDNN, that at times poked at Voice of San Diego.

Bry and I talked about that in an in-depth conversation — the fourth of my series of these one-on-one talks with candidates for San Diego city attorney and City Council. It doesn’t surprise me that Bry is running for City Council. I got her take on every city issue I could fit in after talking about her many changes of careers — from Harvard Business School to being a reporter to launching online startups that made her wealthy.

She talked about her take on growth, on Balboa Park’s controversial potential transformation (time to drop that, she said), the Chargers and the stench in La Jolla Cove.

I’ll be talking to her rivals, fellow Democrat Joe LaCava and Republican Ray Ellis, in the next two weeks. In November, I’ll round out the series with Robert Hickey, the Republican running for city attorney.

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