What's Next for the City Council

City Council

What's Next for the City Council

On this week’s podcast, Caty Green and Andy Keatts tackled what could set San Diego’s political stage for 2016, the role a urinal plays in the DeMaio scandal and some coincidental demotions in the district attorney’s office.

If Republicans on the San Diego City Council have their way, Todd Gloria’s time as president could soon be up. News broke this week that the right-leaning Council members might be joining Team Lightner — that is, they’d vote in Democrat Sherri Lightner as Council president.

Lightner would be the first female Council president. But fearing this might derail Gloria’s chances of taking the mayor’s chair in 2016, San Diego CityBeat urged Lightner to stand down in an editorial: “If she’s truly on board for a more progressive San Diego, she needs to realize that Gloria continuing as Council president is the best outcome.”

VOSD’s Scott Lewis responded in a recent post calling that suggestion into question, which sparked a number of thoughtful Twitter threads. This one’s especially meaty.

On this week’s VOSD Radio podcast, co-hosts Caty Green and Andy Keatts talked through that potential dynamic shift, plus some coincidental changes at the district attorney’s office and more.

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Show Notes

• Our Hero of the Week goes to Girls Think Tank, which partnered with the city to open the first “Portland Loo,” a metal, easily cleanable public restroom in downtown San Diego. The bathroom is meant to accommodate the homeless who live downtown.

• Once again our Goat of the Week is Kevin Beiser, San Diego Unified School District school board president for spinmasterful remarks at Monday’s State of the District speech.

• Alan Arrollado, president of San Diego’s firefighter’s union, wrote an op-ed decrying the city’s plan to expand its two-person emergency response crew model: “The city is paying half-price for quarter-service.” Our fact check this week determined that his statement was misleading.

• A urinal could help determine what really happened in the second dose of sexual harassment allegations against Carl DeMaio.

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