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'I Don't Know the Issues!': Voices of the Voters, District 1

We talked to voters as they left the polls in San Diego’s northwestern neighborhoods. They explain the rationale behind their votes in the mayoral, City Council and Proposition B elections.


I spent Tuesday morning talking to voters in the La Jolla, University City and Carmel Valley areas. Well, I should say I tried talking to voters.

Many did not want to discuss their votes, calling the decision private or saying they simply didn’t have enough time to chat. I asked people who they picked for mayor and City Council District 1, and how they felt about Proposition B, the pension initiative.

Below, I’ve compiled tweets from my day at the polls, including some of the bizarre moments from asking people how they voted. For name references, the mayoral candidates are Carl DeMaio, Bonnie Dumanis, Bob Filner and Nathan Fletcher. The District 1 council candidates are Sherri Lightner, Ray Ellis, Bryan Pease and Dennis Ridz.

Scott Caprio:

Michelle Marzullo:


Carmel Valley

Rich Kushner

University City

I stayed at this poll for 20 minutes and didn’t see a single voter. The poll workers said they had around 40 people in the morning and expected a few more spurts here and there. I decided to move on.

No Comment

More than dozen people refused to say who they voted for. “It’s personal,” one woman said. “No surveys!” another said. “Isn’t that supposed to be secret?” a young voter asked me. But at least a few didn’t mind sharing their thoughts.

My Plea

Silvana Vollero

A La Jolla Alley

The last voter I talked to at the poll above said she had voted for DeMaio, Ellis and Prop. B. She said Lightner hadn’t done as much as she hoped and wanted a fresh voice. She declined to provide her name, however, saying she was concerned about rumors at work. She said she is pro-environment and is sometimes embarrassed about voting Republican.

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