McConville's 'Lavish Lifestyle'


McConville's 'Lavish Lifestyle'

San Francisco’s ABC 7 has another piece in its continuing coverage of Jim McConville, the guy who’s received a ton of media attention, including from us, for his complicated real estate deals-gone-sour all over the state. In the piece, reporter Dan Noyes tours the foreclosed, gutted 80-acre ranch in Castro Valley that used to belong to McConville.

Noyes posted more information on the station’s I-Team blog, including some court documents that described some of McConville’s possessions:

… among them, two Lamborghinis, a Hummer and various classic cars; an expensive art collection, antiques, pool tables, arcade machines, a comic book collection and “a life-size rubberized statue of the ‘Predator’ character” from the movie.

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