Firefighters to DeMaio: Cut Your Own Darn Pay

The budget-busting councilman didn’t take a 6 percent pay cut
like many others.

You attack my pay, I’ll attack yours.

A week after City Councilman Carl DeMaio went after city firefighters for receiving extra pay above their salaries, the firefighter’s union struck back.

DeMaio, unlike virtually all city employees and some council members, did not take a 6 percent compensation cut in 2009, the fire union said in a press release. Further, DeMaio gave his staffers raises, the union said.

(I confirmed both stats with the city today.)

“Carl is the most shameless politician in San Diego history,” said fire union head Frank De Clercq in the release. “At a time when firefighters, paramedics and police officers were taking pay cuts, he refused to take one, then he engineered pay raises for his staff.”

DeMaio’s office defended the councilman’s decisions by pointing out that DeMaio is declining a city pension and that he’s cut his office budget. Also, at least one raise came with a promotion attached, DeMaio’s spokesman said. Here’s DeMaio’s full statement:

Once again the union fails to present the facts. Councilmember DeMaio practices what he preaches — and has the taxpayer savings to prove it. On day one in office, Carl DeMaio turned down the politicians’ pension — reducing his compensation by 22 percent when compared to his colleagues. More importantly, by reorganizing and eliminating positions, the councilmember has cut salaries in his council office by 15 percent — saving taxpayers approximately $69,000 annually. We invite the fire union to follow Councilmember DeMaio’s lead and work to achieving similar pension savings and salary savings as he has in his own office.

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