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VOSD Podcast: The Mayor Aims for New (Building) Heights

Mayor Kevin Faulconer gives his 2019 State of the City Address. / Photo by Adriana Heldiz

The mayor’s State of the City address was Tuesday, and we annotated his speech [1] to provide some context on big issues.

Now, we’re unpacking a bit more. Mayor Faulconer came to the studio this week to address some of our biggest questions — especially on housing density and height limits. In hopes of combating the region’s crippling housing shortage, Faulconer announced during his State of the City address that he would ask the City Council this year to eliminate building height limits near transit throughout the city [2], outside of coastal neighborhoods.

Hosts Scott Lewis, Andrew Keatts and Sara Libby hosted a wide-ranging discussion with Faulconer on that plan, as well as current candidates aiming to replace him in 2020, the Convention Center, SDSU West and more. You can hear our full conversation with the mayor in the podcast. It starts at minute 16.

Also in this week’s show, we have some quick hits from The People’s Reporter [3], a VOSD series that answers audience questions about the region. We answered two questions from our listeners this week. Here’s a short version:

How many people work in the city of San Diego?

About 709,400 people, or roughly half the city’s population, according to California’s Employment Development Department [4].

How can I research who is giving money to which politician and how much?

There are a few handy, readily available resources:

If you have a question, ask it here [9].

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