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Letter: Parent Preschool Inspections Can Help

So many people, of all ages, are afraid of the “R” word — responsibility.

If the parents of the pre-schoolers would take the responsibility to take the time to look at the preschool when they pick up or drop off their children, inspectors would not be needed as much.

Are the parents really too busy to get out of their cars, and, as they walk in, take the time to look at the fences, check out the toys their children are playing with, look at the floors and the surfaces that should be clean, and see if anything does not look right?

I rememeber back to when there was a news story about someone bringing a live giraffe to the room. I am dating myself here. The parents blindly believed the story and the other claims by the students without ever looking at the door and the ceiling of the room to realize that it was physically impossible, which meant their children were making it up.

Parents need to look and think. Is this place safe for my child? Is my child being provided with unbroken toys? If the answer is no to those questions. then the parents need to take the responsiblity to do something about it. Discuss it with the owner or manager of the pre-school. Maybe find and donate toys and games.

They are the parents. They chose the school. Their child’s safety is their responsibility.

Carlynne Allbee lives in Lakeside.