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Letter: “Wings” Need to Be More Engaging

I have a thing or two to say about these so-called “Wings o’ Freedom” [1] and the waste of metal they are trying to create on OUR bayfront!

I feel somewhat qualified to comment since I have a Certificate of Urban Development from University of California, San Diego and am completing my master’s in city planning at San Diego State University and have 10-plus years of experience in the planning arena here locally as well as abroad.

This design fails on several key fronts.

Any ‘iconic’ sculpture worthy of being called that has the ability to engage the human on the human scale.

One person commented this is an oversize “hood ornament”!

The Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty, Coit Tower in San Francisco, the St. Louis Arch, The Cristo Redentor statue in Rio all have the ability to be climbed on, touched, entered in some way or approached or somehow engages humans on one of those tactile levels.

This proposal on the other hand does none of these. It just sits there. It’s “kitschy retread” as someone said and will just be a passive block to the true beauty of OUR bayfront!

Anthony Mendiola is a student in the graduate program in city planning at San Diego State University.

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