Fact Check TV: Signing Off on Sunroad's Suggestion

Bob Filner

Fact Check TV: Signing Off on Sunroad's Suggestion

Mayor Bob Filner claimed the City Council unanimously approved an easement for a Kearny Mesa development without a report from city staffers.

10 News and U-T San Diego reported last week that federal investigators are questioning officials about developer Sunroad’s checks to the city in exchange for Mayor Bob Filner’s approval of changes to the developer’s Kearny Mesa project.

But Filner has said the City Council, which initially signed off on the easement he opposed, deserves more scrutiny. He claims Council members gave up the city’s property rights by approving the change without requesting something for the city, and that they did so without reports from city staffers.

In the latest edition of Fact Check TV, Scott Lewis and I take a closer look at how the City Council and its Land Use and Housing Committee handled the easement.

We also talked about U.S. Attorney Laura Duffy’s seemingly shifting views on medical marijuana.

Watch the video:

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