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Questions for a Community Bike Advocate?

Send over your questions for this week’s Q&A.


For this week’s Q&A, I’ll be sitting down with Samantha Ollinger.

Ollinger is a young City Heights resident who’s an accountant by day, but a fervent bicycle advocate by night.

Ollinger’s website,, has garnered quite a following among San Diego’s growing community of cyclists. It’s an eclectic mix of news, commentary and analysis about all things wheeled and pedaled, where she posts about upcoming community rides and alerts readers on where the county’s latest bike lanes have been spotted.

She posts dispatches from the scene of sometimes grisly bicycle accidents and warns on how to prevent them in the future. She analyzes local transportation policy and keeps tabs on local government officials with any kind of influence over improving safety for cyclists.

What do you want to ask her? Email me your bike-related questions. I’ll be sitting down with her later this afternoon.

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