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San Diego's Most Walkable Cities

Local advocacy group Walk San Diego ranks San Diego County cities on their pedestrian friendliness.

It’s hard to brag about being San Diego County’s most walkable city, since the region’s widely regarded as a car-first area, but nonetheless, this year’s bragging rights fall to La Mesa.

In the second annual scorecard from local pedestrian advocacy group Walk San Diego, La Mesa came out with the best score in a series of categories meant to measure each municipality’s commitment to making walkable neighborhoods.

Walk SD scored every city in four different categories.

One was based on the percentage of residents who commute, either by walking or riding transit, combined with the number of pedestrian collisions with cars per resident and per mile of road.

Walk SD also looked into pedestrian-friendly projects and policies being implemented in each city, compared to the organization’s view of the best long-range goals for enhanced walkability. There were two separate categories, one for “implementation” and one for “policies.”

The last category relied on crowdsourced data from users of Walk SD’s smart phone app that asked a mix of specific questions about the state of intersections, and subjective ones about how safe a stretch made them feel.

Here’s how the 18 cities stacked up.


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