Watch Parents Get Kicked Off the County's New Waterfront Park Playground


Watch Parents Get Kicked Off the County's New Waterfront Park Playground

San Diego’s newest park apparently isn’t appropriate for all ages, as a local parent discovered. The county says it’s just trying to adhere to manufacturer guidelines.

San Diego’s new Waterfront Park playground is off-limits to grown-ups.

Jeff Hammett, a part-time blogger and full-time father, noticed on a recent visit with his kid that security guards were monitoring swings and teeter-totters, reprimanding parents who joined their kids on the public park equipment.

So Hammett contacted the County of San Diego’s Park and Recreation Department, questioning the odd playground regulations.

Park and Recreation Department District Manager Christine Lafontant told Hammett the park’s policy is to adhere to the manufacturer’s age limits on playground equipment.

But Hammett said that logic doesn’t hold up. “They have a slide for 5- to 12-year-olds, and the security guards aren’t telling 4-year-olds to get off the slide,” he said.

Hammett posted this video of the waterfront park’s playground offensive:

“I’m just advocating that parents should be able to use the swing,” Hammet said.

Here’s what a spokesperson for the county told me in an email:

“The playground rules were developed to ensure the safety of the children who are using it and are based on the age recommendations for the equipment. Particularly with the popularity of the playground and surrounding park, the County wants to make sure it is a safe environment and the equipment is properly maintained for everyone to enjoy.”

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