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Partner Voices gives companies a way to highlight their contributions to the community.
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Empowering the Community

There are many things that San Diegans are proud of, everyday.

We are proud of our beaches and bays, rivers and wetlands, mountains and canyons, and mesas and deserts that make up one of the most beautiful and ecological diverse counties in the nation. We are proud of the innovation, curiosity, and intellectual firepower that inspire our colleges, universities, and biotech, high-tech, defense, energy, maritime, tourism, and beer industries.

We are proud of our communities that have persevered and traveled thousands of miles be counted as San Diegans. We are proud of the brave men and women in uniform that protect them and that on any given day can be walking the sidewalks of Oceanside, Point Loma, National City, and Mira Mesa, and the next day be an ocean away defending those who can’t defend themselves.

These great things about San Diego are constantly challenged, and we should be equally proud of the exceptional non-profit community that is our vanguard in meeting those challenges. Our non-profits protect our environment, inspire our kids to achieve, foster innovation, feed our hungry, shelter our homeless, help our veterans, and make our communities safe, vibrant, and livable. Yet, their dedicated staff, volunteers, and the people that they serve are all too often unsung heroes of our communities.

At SDG&E, we are privileged to support over 600 non-profit organizations in local San Diego neighborhoods. These non-profits are our community partners, and we know their stories. We are pleased to present Partner Voices so that more San Diegans will know those remarkable stories and how they make San Diego better, everyday.