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The O’Farrell Charter Schools Still Win Big in 2020

Students and teacher in an O'Farrell School Classroom
OCS second-graders celebrate their everyday wins in class, prior to the shutdown.

Every school that is still operating had wins in 2020. The O’Farrell Charter Schools — which include The O’Farrell Charter School [1] and Ingenuity Charter School [2] — reflect on their top wins during a turbulent year, and look toward 2021 with optimism. 

Biggest wins of 2020 for The O’Farrell Charter School 

1. We made the 2020 US News & World Report List—For Top 2% of High Schools in California, and Top 3% of High Schools in the US

2. We successfully rolled out a fully online program for nearly 2,000 students—OCS had everything in order and ready to go one full month ahead of the governor’s school reopening date.

3. We continued to have a strong presence at AVID national events

Biggest wins of 2020 for Ingenuity Charter School 

1. Our inaugural Mindfulness Group helped students deal with 2020

2. We were already fully set up for virtual learning prior to COVID-19 

3. We hired two new teachers and an ELD/SPED specialist

“OCS and Ingenuity really complement each other because we share the same mission statement and core values,” said Katie Reamer, an art instructor and independent study teacher at Ingenuity. 

Above all, both OCS and Ingenuity are united in their commitment to building strong relationships with the community by partnering with students and families. The schools worked hard to underscore this during the pandemic with important offerings like virtual student clubs and field trips; increased student outreach; and flexible, personalized online instruction for all students. 

“We are really proud of our strong collaboration and communication within the schools,” said Nicole Taugher, Ingenuity instructor of four years. “It gives all of our students the opportunity to be successful, no matter which campus they attend.”

Open parking lot with school supplies and teachers
OCS staff and faculty distribute student materials on assigned pick-up days.

For more information about these schools and programs, visit The O’Farrell Charter School on the web at ofarrellschool.org [3] and Ingenuity Charter School at ingenuitycharter.org [4].