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San Diego Explained: A Patchwork of Pot Policies

In this week’s San Diego Explained, NBC7 San Diego’s Monica Dean and Voice of San Diego’s Maya Srikrishnan look at how local communities are responding now that cannabis is legal in California.

In November, California voters approved recreational marijuana use.

The shift in public attitude toward marijuana is forcing communities across the state to revisit their pot policies. Starting in January 2018, marijuana businesses will be allowed in California, unless a city or county decides to ban it.

Despite the voter support for marijuana and the potential new source of tax revenue, however, many local cities and the county aren’t ready to open their doors to recreational or even medical use.

While a few communities like La Mesa and Lemon Grove are moving forward with allowing medical marijuana, the city of San Diego is the first city in the county to allow recreational marijuana businesses.

The city decided dispensaries already selling medical marijuana products will be the businesses allowed to sell recreational marijuana, but the City Council is still figuring out other aspects of regulating the industry, like whether it will allow cultivation, manufacturing and testing.

Regardless of whether politicians decide to allow cannabis businesses in their cities, some things have already changed. If you’re over 21, you’re allowed to carry an ounce or less of marijuana. You’re also allowed to grow up to six cannabis plants in your home.

In this week’s San Diego Explained, NBC7 San Diego’s Monica Dean and Voice of San Diego’s Maya Srikrishnan look at how local communities are handling their pot policies now that cannabis is legal in California.

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