Sheriff Looks into Hate Message Sent from His Department


Sheriff Launches Internal Investigation Into Hate Mail Sent to Activist Group

Last night, the activist group United Against Police Terror San Diego received a hate email with the subject line: “Fuck You, You Stupid Pieces of Shit.”

You can imagine how the email went from there.

It’s not surprising a group critical of the police got the note. The apparent source of the email is. The note came from an IP address that, according to an address locater, is attached to the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department. The group tweeted a picture of the note and the IP address to me.

Sheriff Looks into Hate Message Sent from His Department

I asked the Sheriff’s Department and spokeswoman Melissa Aquino told me they have launched an investigation:

“It appears the email came from a Sheriff’s Department IP address. We are taking this very seriously and an internal investigation is underway to determine where, how and who it came from. As such, we are unable to provide any additional information at this time, but we are taking this matter very seriously.”

What do you think?