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Best of the Week Aug. 15-21

These were the most-read stories for the week of Aug. 15-21.


These were the most-read stories for the week of Aug. 15-21.

 The Liberal, Feminist, Gay-Friendly Mormon

She’s a myth-busting Mormon who isn’t afraid of being excommunicated for her unorthodox views. Meet the local author of ‘Ask Mormon Girl.’

 Why Not Just Close Cabrillo Bridge?

Closing the historic bridge is the only alternative to Irwin Jacobs’ renovation plan that would completely rid Balboa Park’s Plaza de Panama of cars. But the park’s museums don’t like it.

 Dude, Mayor, It’s Not Rocket Science. It’s Taxes

The mayor is visiting three cities that built new sports facilities. Here’s what they all had in common.

 Walmart Looks More Likely in Southeastern San Diego

A major nonprofit’s effort would turn a vacant parcel in southeastern San Diego into the area’s first Walmart.

 A Booming Education Idea Goes Bust in California

Preschool can have stunning impacts on children long after they grow up. Yet, California is making preschool harder to access.

 A Woman Who Takes Centuries Off of Painted Faces

As an art conservator at the Balboa Art Conservation Center, Betsy Court is part doctor, chemist and painter.

 Madonna Surfs Again, on Canvas

A North County painter teams up with the mosaic-maker behind this year’s hyped ‘Surfing Madonna’ to make a painted version of the artwork.

 Fact Check: Complicating the Chargers’ Stadium Bid

Statement: “Our discussions have been complicated by the elimination of redevelopment funds,” Mayor Jerry Sanders said in an Aug. 10 statement to Fox 5 about a proposed downtown football stadium for the Chargers. Determination: Mostly True.

 PR Gets Half a Million in School Bond Money

Sweetwater schools has spent more on communications than other school districts that have passed larger bonds to repair schools.

 Photos: Officer Henwood’s Funeral

Images from the funeral of Officer Jeremy Henwood, who was killed in the line of duty last weekend.

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