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2020 Election Coverage and Resources

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The Ultimate Guide to the Local Election

Presidential elections have a way of sucking up all the oxygen in any given election, but don’t sleep on what’s happening in your backyard: There are some extraordinary contests and issues playing out here in San Diego.

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Dems Want Control of the County – Here’s What They Say They’d Do With it

Control of the County Board of Supervisors could flip for the first time in a generation. Not all Democrats prioritize the same things or think the same way. But there are plenty of similarities in their platforms that span the South Bay-North County divide.

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What Republicans Say They’ll Do if They Keep Control of the Board of Supervisors

A new GOP-majority board may end up in same spot ideologically as the current one, making tweaks around the margins rather than pursuing the reforms and broader cultural shift that Democrats are talking about.

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Town Hall: Mayoral Candidates Address the Future of Balboa Park

Join us for a debate between San Diego mayoral candidates Todd Gloria and Barbara Bry, featuring their plans and ideas for Balboa Park.

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Environment Report: Gómez and Jacobs on the Green New Deal, Climate Injustice and More

The Colorado River basin is heating up and drying out as human-exacerbated climate change projections predicted, a new campground is underway in the Tijuana River Valley and more in our biweekly roundup of environmental news.

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San Diego Democrats Struggle With Proposition 15

The business groups and other opponents of Proposition 15 are winning over many San Diego Democrats, who despite their normal allegiances just can’t seem to get on board.

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Bry, Gloria Agree an Outside Group Should Help Oversee Balboa Park

In a Friday mayoral forum, Councilwoman Barbara Bry and Assemblyman Todd Gloria both said they’d like to see an outside group provide more significant park oversight, though neither specified how much that entity should defer to the city.

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North County Report: Congressional Candidates Debate Police Reform

Youth activists say they’re not getting the change they want from Democrats, a corner of Oceanside has the lowest Census response rate and more in our biweekly roundup of North County news.

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Hueso Flips His Stance on Prop. 15

Less than a week after he called out supporters of Proposition 15, state Sen. Ben Hueso is now one of them.

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Politifest Live Blog: Campa-Najjar, Issa Brand Each Other as Out of Touch

The 2020 Politifest is the biggest one ever. We’ll post some of the highlights here.

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Politics Report: On Independent Expenditures

The rule of campaign finance is that you don’t need the most money to compete, but you need enough. But one thing local candidates in big races can count on more and more these days is independent exp…

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Hueso Is Playing Up Trump Fights Over Sacramento Record

In his campaign for county supervisor, Sen. Ben Hueso is telling voters he’s been a driving force in the state’s ongoing battles with President Donald Trump. Here’s what he’s done in Sacramento.

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Coastal Anxieties Run Deep in Oceanside Mayor’s Race

The race to become Oceanside’s next mayor features a whopping 12 candidates – meaning it’s packed with competing personalities, all of whom bring different perspectives and priorities to the race. Yet…

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The Climate Problem Facing Coastal Building Height Limits

Experts say people on both sides of the debate over whether to exempt the Midway district from the coastal height limit are failing to consider how future climate change will restrict who can live along the cooler coast.

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