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Culture Report: The Arts to Look Forward to in 2019

The San Diego Symphony’s Matthew Aucoin / Photo by Steven Laxton

It’s time to retire the 2018 year-end lists and ring in the new year with (that’s right) some other lists. We sat down some of our favorite arts editors and writers and asked them what we should be paying attention to in the New Year.

Nina Garin, KPBS arts editor and producer

“When there’s a lot of chaos around me, I go into comfort mode. It’s why I keep binge watching ‘Gilmore Girls,’” Garin said. And comfort mode for her is (beyond “Gilmore Girls”) the classics. Here’s what Garin is looking forward to in 2019:

Moonlight Amphitheater / Photo by Ken Jacques

Moonlight Amphitheater / Photo by Ken Jacques

Jim Daichendt, Union-Tribune art critic

Daichendt is new on the scene as an art critic for the U-T.

Seth Combs, CityBeat editor

Combs is looking forward to reuniting with an iconic museum.

A lot of tiny tetrahedrons. / Photo by Melissa Walter

Susanna Peredo Swap, Vanguard Culture founder/editor

“I think that the organizations to look out for next year are the ones that are attempting a more collaborative approach to programming,” said Peredo Swap. “The one trait that I found across all creative industries is that San Diego arts groups tended to work in silos and rarely reached out to collaborate, even within the same industries! There is much strength in collaboration, including a sharing of resources.” The collabs she’s watching:

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Food, Beer, Booze and Cannabis News

Two New Sections!

While I’ve been on this beat, I’ve been toying with adding a few new sections: A list of what’s inspiring me, locally and beyond, plus a reminder of shows closing soon. With kids/work/Twitter, it’s hard to get to all the opening nights I want to attend, so here’s my ode to the underrated fine art of procrastination:

Closing Soon

What’s Inspiring Me Right Now

Correction: An earlier version of this post misidentified Yasmine Kasem’s background.