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Good Schools for All: Assessing Teachers

The Poway Unified School District and Poway Federation of Teachers work together to provide professional development opportunities to teachers. They've used a teacher evaluation system for many years and now they're improving and expanding their evaluation methods to provide increased support and assistance to district teachers.

Teacher evaluations are crucial, but also controversial.

The Poway Unified School District, though, has a new approach to its teacher evaluations.

On this week’s podcast, Candy Smiley, president of Poway Federation of Teachers, and Michele Manos, a teacher and leader of the district’s teacher evaluation system, joined co-hosts Scott Lewis and Laura Kohn to explain Poway’s evaluation programs.

One part of the program, for example, pairs teachers with their peers.

“We wanted our focus on professional learning for teachers. How do we make teachers get the best opportunities for their students by improving their practice? That’s really what our whole program is based on. It’s a growth model, it’s a strength-based approach, taking a look at multiple measures,” Manos said.

Lewis and Kohn talked about the latest in teacher evaluations and what could change on the state level as well.

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Number of the Week

1 out of 5 and 1 out of 17: A national survey out of Brown University and Vanderbilt University demonstrates how principals rate teachers. Principals said about one fifth of teachers were not proficient and needed assistance and support. But the same principals only gave one out of 17 teachers less than satisfactory proficiency ratings.

What’s Working

UC San Diego’s CREATE center houses researchers, youth mentors and professional development experts who work with local teachers to help them get better at their craft.

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