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Test Scores and Community Plans on the Radio

VOSD reporters joined the KPBS roundtable on Friday.


Andrew Keatts and I joined two KPBS reporters on Friday to talk about questionable political advertising rates at U-T San Diego, the rise of San Diego as Drone City, USA, and more on “Midday Edition.”

I was on the show to talk about our story and fact check on the test scores at Central Elementary school. We found that incoming Superintendent Cindy Marten’s Academic Performance Index scores were pretty lackluster compared with some other local schools, and we labeled “misleading” a claim by Marten that her school’s API score had risen by a “record” amount.

We also discussed Keatts’ in-depth look at the community plan process in the city, dissecting why residents should be paying close attention to their local plans if they’re not already.

Stream the show, or read the transcript here.

You can also catch video of me discussing Marten here:

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