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VOSD Radio: Let’s Eat

Troy Johnson of Food Network and San Diego Magazine fame joined Voice of San Diego’s Scott Lewis and Andrew Keatts on the hour-long podcast [1] this week.

Johnson offered his insight on where to dine in San Diego, the most underrated restaurants and what it’s like behind the scenes with Guy Fieri.

But first, Lewis and Keatts riffed on a notable claim in an anti-Nathan Fletcher mailer sent out by the Lincoln Club, plus some other “inspired” examples of these “horrible disservices to information.”

The co-hosts delved into the dire straits at Lincoln High School [2], and – fitting for the season – the “pension crisis zombie.”

Listen in for a Filner-Prop. B Fact Check, and find out about the unnamed police officer we picked as Hero of the Week. Our Goat of the Week? That’ll come as little surprise to the residents of El Cajon.

Download Audio [1]