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VOSD Podcast: Farm-to-Table Fraud

Next time you find yourself munching on so-claimed local fare while out to eat, you might want to do some sleuthing on the side.

Troy Johnson’s a big name on San Diego’s foodie scene. He’s the guy to follow for honest and eloquent reviews of the best restaurants in town and in-the-know takes on the city’s culinary trends. His Instagram [1] is also incredibly cruel to browse while on the elliptical, I’ve found.

Having connections to restaurateurs put him in a precarious position with his latest story for San Diego Magazine [2], though. For the last two years, Johnson’s been wrestling with that to do with some troubling information. Turns out, a number of restauranteurs have been claiming to serve local produce, fresh from the farm, without ever having reached out to the farmers themselves. It’s a case of fraud with multiple injured parties: hard-working farmers and conscientious diners alike.

Johnson didn’t want to paint the whole restaurant scene as corrupt, though. Most restaurateurs are honest folks who aren’t doing this, he said, but there’s a significant minority who are.

Johnson joined us on the podcast this week to talk about his investigation, which has riled him up into a bit of a watchdog role [3].

Also on the show: Airbnb is going to start adding [4] the city-imposed TOT and Tourism Marketing District tax (it’s a tax) to the tab; Comic-Con is here to stay (through 2018) and how hoteliers threatened that future [5]; why Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez is our Hero of the Week [6] (and why attorney David Lizerbram was a close second [7]) and the Convention Center Corp. is the Goat [8].

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