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Mayor Likes Beer

Sometimes, it’s good to be mayor.


These days, with the budget crisis and all, mayor’n ain’t easy. But there are still some perks. You get to use giant scissors to cut ribbons. Fly in fighter planes. Be chauffeured around town in an SUV. Drink beer.

San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders is taking this June-Is-Craft-Beer-Month-thing pretty seriously. Wednesday night he went to South Park to celebrate the opening of a new location for local beer kings Stone Brewing Co. Greg Koch, the company’s CEO, tweeted a picture of him and the mayor:

(A Sanders staffer tweeted that Koch and the mayor were growling to celebrate the filling of beer “growlers.” Update: Mayor was not actually “growling.” See below for more.)

Sanders also is showing you can take beer timeouts on days when important things happen. Here’s the mayor learning about yeast and fermentation earlier this month, the same afternoon the state Legislature spiked redevelopment.

So how much is the mayor imbibing on all these trips? Not as much as he used to. You may have noticed he’s lost a lot of weight recently. Recently, he told KUSI his dieting secrets.

“It all involves beer and less of it,” Sanders said.

The full KUSI video is below.

A hat tip to Koch and Mayor’s Office spokeswoman Rachel Laing for letting us post the pictures. Laing also reminded me that the reason for Craft Beer Month is to spur economic development. Think brew-tech.


Update: It turns out the mayor was not “growling” in his objectively hilarious picture with Stone Beer Co. CEO Greg Koch. San Diego beer aficionado Jeff Hammett passed along this video of Koch striking the same pose in numerous photos. The pose has a name, “The Greg Face,” and Sanders was doing it, too. Stephen Lew, the Sanders’ staffer who tweeted me that the mayor was growling, apologized for the mistake. I growled at him.

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