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Problem Landlord to Unload 30 Apartment Buildings

A San Diego man who's come under scrutiny for repeat housing code violations appears to be getting out of the landlord business.

San Diego landlord Bankim Shah put 30 of his apartment buildings up for sale late this week. Shah came under scrutiny in a Voice of San Diego and KPBS investigation showing a history of housing code violations at his properties and little city help for the tenants dealing with them.

All told, Shah is asking for more than $50 million for the buildings. The properties represent 70 percent of his residential properties.

Most are in the City Heights and Logan Heights areas, where tenants revealed mold, roach infestations, missing windows and no hot water.

Several realtors confirmed the listings appeared all at once on a listing services open only to realty professionals.

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San Diego MLS


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Shah owns 16 commercial properties that are not listed.

Councilman David Alvarez has asked the city’s land use committee to explore the use of liens to force landlords to comply. If the landlord fails to bring the building up to code, the strategy would ensure the repairs are made when the property changes hands.

San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer said Thursday he’ll spend more on city inspectors and review their department.

Speaking of Shah, Faulconer said, “We clearly have a problem with this individual and so I think it calls for not just more code enforcement officers. How is the strategy to (look) into problem individuals and really target that?”

A representative for Shah couldn’t be reached for comment.

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