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Sherri Lightner's View From the Top

One Paseo isn’t smart growth, it’s “actually very dumb growth,” the City Council president tells us on this week’s podcast.

City Council President Sherri Lightner isn’t shy about her feelings on One Paseo, the multi-use development planned for Carmel Valley that was recently approved by seven of her Council colleagues.

“One Paseo is not ‘smart growth,'” Lightner told us on this week’s podcast. “It’s actually very dumb growth.” Her biggest bones to pick with the development surround its (non)connections to transit and its walk- and bike-ability. Lightner also said the developer, Kilroy Realty, wasn’t listening closely enough to members of the community. The vocal pushback, she said, suggested the developer needed to go back and work with the community to come up with a new plan.

Scott Lewis and Andrew Keatts asked her on the show: If One Paseo isn’t a good idea, why did the majority of her fellow Council members support it? “I think you would need to ask my colleagues about that, and what they think about community engagement,” Lightner said.

Also on the show: recapping the Chargers stadium public forum, Kilroy Realty’s new strategy to knock the One Paseo opposition, why CityBeat’s Kelly Davis and Dave Rolland get a dual Hero status and the DA’s draconian, Goat-worthy case.

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