Be the Beacon: Reporting With Integrity


Be the Beacon: Reporting With Integrity

Ashley Harrington wants you to #bethebeacon. Join her and help us keep following the stories you care about.

Digging into the stories that matter doesn’t come cheap. That’s why we depend on volunteer donors — large and small — to fund our work.

We’re building a community of engaged San Diegans who understand the importance of strong, independent journalism. They’re willing to put their money where their mouths are, and we need them more than ever this month. As we barrel ahead in our year-end campaign to raise $100,000, we’ll be introducing you to some of them by video. We hope you’ll be inspired to join the folks we feature who have donated their hard-earned cash to a cause they care about.

All of them will be asking you to Be the Beacon. Where’d we come up with that catchy campaign hook? Take a look at the VOSD logo. The icon next to our name is actually a beacon — it represents our mission to shine a light on the important issues resonating throughout our community.

Ashley Harrington is on board. Find out why she decided to become a member.

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