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Culture Report: A Lesson in Chinese Chicken

The story behind a new documentary screening at Digital Gym Cinema this week, plus what to expect at Bread & Salt, Hot Guys Dancing and more in our weekly culture roundup.

“In nearly every small town (and big city) in America, you can find a Chinese restaurant. And in most of those restaurants you’ll find a syrupy red, slightly spicy chicken dish named after a general that few Americans have ever heard of. How did this come to be? Our goal in the film was to explore the fascinating phenomenon of Chinese food in America, and in the process taste as much General Tso’s Chicken as possible.”

So says enterprising — and apparently hungry — director Ian Cheney, who made it his mission to learn about the man behind a dish found on pretty much every Chinese restaurant menu: General Tso’s chicken. He documented the process in his new flick, “The Search for General Tso.”

As Cheney puts it, the film offers a lesson in history and how things (in this case, food) can evolve over time and through wide consumption.

“Learning about the stories behind our food, especially a dish with as unusual a history as General Tso’s chicken, will not only give us a renewed appreciation for the ways food can change and adapt with the times, but will also enlighten our knowledge of American history,” he said. “The story of Chinese American food is the story of thousands of families who have endeavored to make a living and gain acceptance in a country that at first rejected them. Next time you go to a Chinese restaurant, remember that — and remember to order General Tso’s chicken!”

The film will screen at the Digital Gym Cinema on Friday, Jan. 9. You can also find it in theaters and on demand. No word if you’ll be hungry again 10 minutes after watching, though.

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