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Friday 5: Hueso's Bill, Travel Ban, Old Town Central Station

The five San Diego news stories you need to know about for the week of March 11-15.

Here are Scott Lewis’ five things you need to know about for the week of March 11-15:

  1. This week, state Sen. Ben Hueso and San Diego City Attorney Mara Elliot dropped their proposed bill to change the California Public Records Act following opposition from city officials.
  2. It’s been more than a year since the outbreak of hepatitis A among San Diego’s homeless population. East Village residents say homelessness there is now less visible, but in some ways, far worse.
  3. According to a new report from the ACLU and San Diego County, 11,000 students go to schools that have at least one police officer but no guidance counselors.
  4. Sawyer Mirage, an engineer at Qualcomm, was able to successfully bring his mother from Iran to the United States. But his father’s visa has been held up in limbo, leaving the 75-year-old man alone in Iran with no one to care for him.
  5. San Diego Mayor Kevin Falkoner and SANDAG Director Hasan Ikhrata are both behind a plan to build a “Grand Central Station” in Old Town for trains, trolleys and buses.

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