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'It Could Happen Any Place'

Chula Vista Police Chief David Bejarano joined us on the podcast this week to talk about police use-of-force in light of the violence in Ferguson, Mo., and his own experience with an officer-involved shooting during his time with the SDPD.

Demonstrations and bursts of violence in Ferguson, Mo., have forced communities nationwide to consider the role of police in maintaining order.

Chula Vista Police Chief David Bejarano has seen firsthand how quickly tensions between officers and citizens can escalate.

What happens next often comes down to split-second decisions, Bejarnao told us on this week’s VOSD Radio podcast. “When you take a look at situations like that [in Ferguson], it could happen any place.”

We also cover his department’s extensive police training, the challenges in leading one of the country’s leanest police forces and how technology can hold police officers accountable for their actions (though that comes with a major caveat).

Jump to 22:30 to hear what Bejarano had to say.

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Show Notes

•  Here’s what happened in that San Diego officer-involved shooting Bejarano recalled from his days at the SDPD.

• Since taking office in February, Mayor Kevin Faulconer has been active in the spotlight – from zip-lining into Comic-Con to riding around Fiesta Island in support of cyclists hit by a wrong-way driver. But we’re still waiting for him to step up as a decider. Here’s two big issues we think Faulconer needs to weigh in on as our city’s leader.

• This week’s Fact Check vetted Neel Kashkari’s claims about California’s high poverty rate. Turns out the GOP gubernatorial candidate was pretty much spot on in saying that California has the highest rate of poverty in the nation. Read our analysis of his statement here.

• It’s rare we give pity-Heroes. But Jason Mraz’s weird, downcast demeanor this week when Faulconer ambushed him with the declaration of Jason Mraz Day suggested he might really need this right now.

• Our Goat of the Week is the minimum wage referendum signature-gatherer who inaccurately described the raise to the guy who came up with it in the first place, City Council President Todd Gloria.

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