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I Made It in San Diego: A Grueling Game of Farmers Market Musical Chairs

brian beevers san diego
Entrepreneur Brian Beevers has built several farmers markets in the region and is the owner of Simply Local in North Park. / Photo by Adriana Heldiz

Brian Beevers is the man behind the farmers markets [1] in Clairemont, Serra Mesa and at Horton Plaza. He’s also got a farmers market-inspired shop called Simply Local [2] in North Park that sells goods made by San Diegans.

Becoming one of the region’s biggest purveyors of local products, though, wasn’t easy. The success of a farmers market relies heavily on finding — and keeping — the right locations. That means Beevers’ businesses over the years have often fallen victim to the whims of landowners.

In a new episode [3] of I Made it in San Diego [4], a podcast about the people behind the region’s businesses, Lisa Halverstadt talks to Beevers about his ongoing struggle to open farmers markets and sustain the interest.

“I’ve always known that I am at the mercy of the land owners, and it’s something that you just have to kind of live with every day, that you just don’t know for sure when somebody just might pull the plug on you,” Beevers said.

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