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Mayor Wants to Fund Veterans Tent Year-Round

As the city funds temporary tent shelters, its permanent facility for homeless people still faces a gap.


Mayor Bob Filner said Thursday he hopes to find funding to keep the city’s tent shelter for homeless military veterans open year-round, not the four months planned in his next year’s budget.

At an information session for the press, Filner invoked his common refrain about ending homelessness for veterans. So I asked him whether that means keeping the veterans tent open year-round next year. The mayor already plans to keep the city’s other tent shelter open year-round at a cost of $1.3 million next year.

The city’s independent budget analyst estimated adding the extra months to the veterans shelter would add about $600,000 to that tent’s budget next year.

Filner acknowledged that’s not in his proposed budget — “yet,” he said.

“I’m committed to really doing more,” he said. “It’s not only an economic necessity but it’s a moral necessity.”

Meanwhile, the agency operating short-term beds for homeless people at Connections Housing, the city’s new permanent facility, recently said it faces a gap of about $500,000 in the next year.

NBC 7 San Diego’s Catherine Garcia and I outlined that gap, the funding needed if the city keeps the veterans tent open year-round and other changes in funding for homeless shelters under Filner’s administration, in this week’s episode of San Diego Explained:

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