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Morning Report: 'San Diego Grand Central' Would Finally Connect the Trolley to the Airport

The SPAWAR property / Photo by Vito Di Stefano

Why the trolley doesn’t connect to San Diego’s airport is one of the most frequent questions we field from readers.

But, as Andrew Keatts reports, San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer and SANDAG chief Hasan Ikhrata are pitching a new vision that would finally let people take transit to the airport.

Dubbed “San Diego Grand Central,” their plan would utilize the current SPAWAR site and “would combine 70 acres of Navy property with the Old Town Transit Center. Trolley, Coaster and bus riders could take a rail-based people mover, possibly through a tunnel running under the naval base and airport runway, though they’re considering above-ground options as well,” Keatts writes.

Though the plan certainly moves the needle after decades of talk, one thing that’s still not clear is how it would all be paid for.

“It’s going to cost money,” Ikhrata said. “I believe there is the greatest potential for a public-private partnership. The airlines will be a big partner when it comes to financials, some private entities that are interested in having their systems there, some private developers who are interested in developing there. But no question about it, SANDAG will have to pay their fair share.”

Revisiting San Diego’s Last Teacher Strike

As teachers in Los Angeles consider a strike that could shut down the second-largest school districts in the country, our Will Huntsberry looks back at the 1996 teachers strike in San Diego.

The strike started for the reasons most strikes do – pay. After five days, the strike ended when teachers got a nearly 15 percent raise.

San Diego Unified Trustee Richard Barrera, who has been through five contract negotiations in his 11 years on the board, said that while we haven’t had a strike in over two decades, we may eventually have another.

“It comes down to the wire a lot,” he said. “It’s really tough finding solutions because of the fact schools don’t have enough money in California. That’s true in L.A. and that’s true here. I think the idea that we would never see a strike in San Diego is not realistic.”

In Other News

The Morning Report was written by Ry Rivard, and edited by Sara Libby.

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