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Morning Report: She Escaped a Kidnapping, But Not Immigration Bureaucracy

An immigration court in downtown San Diego / Photo by Adriana Heldiz

A Cuban woman who lives in Mexico says Border Patrol officers saved her life earlier this year when she escaped a kidnapping attempt and was able to flag them down for help.

But they also thrust her into a new nightmare – one that took much longer to escape from [1].

In a new story, Maya Srikrishnan details the series of issues and confounding bureaucratic moves that left the woman in jeopardy of being separated from her family and barred from the country.

Even after a judge terminated her case, she was detained by Border Patrol again, which left family members and attorneys scrambling to figure out her whereabouts.

On Wednesday, a second judge terminated her case once more, potentially ending the ordeal for good.

Another Way District Elections Are Affecting Escondido

As more cities move to district-only elections to try to make their city councils and school boards more diverse (and to avoid lawsuits), some are also seeing fewer new homes.

A new study by researchers at CUNY and Princeton found several California cities, including Escondido, have also significantly dialed back production of multi-family homes, a phenomenon the study links with greater responsiveness to neighborhoods the elected officials represent.

VOSD’s Jesse Marx and Kayla Jimenez dug into the study and provided more context on Escondido developments [2] in the latest North County Report. They also provided an update on Encinitas’ newly state-approved housing plan, big news out of Carlsbad and more.

One other piece of news: Jimenez, who’s written extensively about sexual misconduct in schools across the region, will now be covering North County news while Marx will refocus on San Diego metro news.

Send North County tips (and say hi) to Jimenez at kayla.jimenez@voiceofsandiego.org [3].

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The Morning Report was written by Lisa Halverstadt and edited by Sara Libby.