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Most Popular: March 21-27

These were the most popular stories for the week of March 21-27.

These were the most-read stories for the week of March 21-27.

1. Fact Check: The Plume Makes a Plum Red Herring

2. How a Chargers Move Would Happen, and How the City Plans to Make a Deal Here

3. Inside the Mayor’s Nonprofit That’s Not Really the Mayor’s Nonprofit

4. Get Ready for Mission Valley’s Massive Growth Spurt (Planners Aren’t)

5. Planners Leave Logan Heights Out of Smart Growth Push

6. Taxpayers Group: Drop the Free (for Some) City Trash Law

7. The DA’s Master Class in Missing the Point

8. Meet the Michael Jordan of Signature-Gatherers

9. No, the City Did Not Nix the 2005 Chargers Plan Over Traffic

10. Sorry, Chargers — the City Can’t Afford a Handout

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