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San Diego Explained: A New Kind of Election for Sweetwater Schools

In this week’s San Diego Explained, Scott Lewis and NBC 7’s Catherine Garcia detail two big reforms coming in the Sweetwater Unified High School District school board election.

The melody has almost stopped in Sweetwater Unified High School District’s game of musical chairs.

In the wake of a pay-for-play scandal involving four of the district’s five school board members, all seats are up for grabs in the election coming up in a couple weeks.

But voters only have to worry about electing one member for their portion of the district, as new election laws are making the candidates run in specific areas within the district instead of the district as a whole.

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Administrators are hoping that the change in rules, along with a ceiling on campaign donations, will make the school district more accountable and avoid any future scandals (though these measures weren’t easy to pass).

In this week’s San Diego Explained, Voice of San Diego’s Scott Lewis teams up with NBC 7’s Catherine Garcia to explain the new rules and the scandal that prompted them.

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