El Cajon's Anti-Alcohol Laws Explained

East County

San Diego Explained: El Cajon's Strict Anti-Alcohol Laws

El Cajon has some strict anti-alcohol laws in place, but the police department there has found some stores are still falling through the cracks and selling booze to minors. Now city leaders want to tighten the rules even more next year.

El Cajon is already home to some strict anti-alcohol laws. The city might be tightening the vise grip on those next year.

City leaders see a big problem in stores selling alcohol to minors. El Cajon City Councilman Gary Kendrick and his colleagues want to put a measure on the ballot next year that would cancel the liquor licenses of stores that sell booze to youths or break other rules involving alcohol sales.

These rules are more than two years in the making. El Cajon first passed strong anti-alcohol rules in 2013, and even survived a lawsuit challenging them. Then last fall, the police department found more than a quarter of the stores involved in a sting operation were selling alcohol to minors.

NBC 7’s Catherine Garcia and Liam Dillon explain what’s next for the largest city in East County.


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