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San Diego Explained: One San Diego’s Double Meaning

Mayor Kevin Faulconer often works the phrase “One San Diego” into explanations of his policies. It’s been his brand since before he took office. You’ll find it sprinkled throughout the mayor’s website, describing his mission for the city. Most recently it’s popped up on Faulconer’s new draft budget, “One San Diego At Work.”

But One San Diego isn’t just his mission to boost the city’s low-income communities. It’s also a charity [1] housed in a nondescript Golden Hill building. The nonprofit raises money to help San Diego’s communities, gathering funds for needs such as college prep centers, technology and city libraries. But things get interesting when we look at who’s involved.

While the mayor and his staff have no direct role in the charity, key Faulconer allies make up its board, and the mayor and his wife have fundraised for the organization. Not much is known about who’s funding the charity, though organizers say they have raised around $250,000 in the first year alone, and big players such as Walmart and Bank of America have contributed.

On this San Diego Explained [2], Liam Dillon and NBC7’s Catherine Garcia look into the double meaning of “One San Diego” and how it factors into Faulconer’s second-term re-election campaign.