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San Diego Explained: The Port is Undertaking Its Biggest Arts Project Yet

The Port of San Diego has a lot of responsibilities. While overseeing San Diego’s waterfront, it manages maritime cargo terminals, cruise ship terminals, public parks and the Harbor Police Department, and it leases hundreds of properties along the San Diego Bay.

But along with all that, the port is also in charge of the city’s public arts program, which aims to help economic development by sprucing up public land and attracting locals and visitors to the waterfront.

Currently, the port is undertaking its biggest arts project yet — lighting the San Diego-Coronado Bridge [1] — and hopes to have it installed as early as next year.

That project, however, has already faced backlash [2] from critics who say the bridge should first be outfitted with suicide prevention infrastructure.

On this week’s episode, Voice of San Diego’s Kinsee Morlan and NBC 7’s Monica Dean consider the Port of San Diego’s public arts program.