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San Diego Explained: What to Expect from Mid-City Rapid

A new transportation option is coming to San Diego at the end of the summer. Andrew Keatts and NBC 7’s Catherine Garcia bring you up to speed on bus rapid transit.

There’s a new transit option coming to mid-city neighborhoods at the end of the summer.

It’s expected to be cheaper than the trolley and a touch faster than the bus. It’s called “bus rapid transit,” but the final product rolling out is much less ambitious than the initial idea, and maybe not be quite so rapid.

Introducing the new line is costing the city $44 million, including the buses themselves and infrastructure development. One of the first lines will run from downtown to San Diego State University, and should cut about 10 minutes out of the 40-minute commute.

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In this week’s San Diego Explained, NBC 7’s Catherine Garcia and Voice of San Diego‘s Andrew Keatts laid out what makes this new bus different from than what San Diegans already have, and why some local businesses weren’t too giddy about the original idea.

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