Special Podcast: Prosecutor Robert Hickey Makes Case


Special Podcast: Prosecutor Robert Hickey Makes His Case for City Attorney

Hickey, who was mysteriously removed from a management role at the district attorney’s office, discusses his relationship with DA Bonnie Dumanis and the gripping story of a multi-year investigation he led into a grisly shooting.

I agree with the listener below that my podcast with Robert Hickey was the most intense of the seven conversations I had with the candidates for city attorney and City Council District 1.

Hickey is a deputy district attorney with many years under his belt now of prosecuting murder suspects and other ugly, fascinating mysteries. His recounting of a one case, the notorious Dr. J’s murders in Lincoln Park, was particularly riveting.

But so were his answers about why District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis removed him from a management role.

He was removed right before a major controversy hit the unit he was overseeing — gangs. The DA decided to prosecute a group of men that included Aaron Harvey, for mere association with a gang — through social media posts — even admitting he did not commit any violent crimes. Now, she has announced she won’t be doing that again.

I asked Hickey if it was appropriate to prosecute in the first place. He said the response proves it wasn’t.

“Well intended, I think it was well researched. Fine lawyers, outstanding attorneys working on those cases, people in whom I have a great deal of confidence but I think, in the end, the community and the court spoke,” Hickey said.

Hickey is a Republican and just won the endorsement of the local party. This was the final of the four in-depth discussions I had with the city attorney candidates. You can listen to Democrats Mara Elliot, Gil Cabrera and Rafael Castellanos as well.

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Correction: In the original post, I typed his quote wrong above. It was the “community and the court spoke” not what I had before.

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