Ryan Clumpner and the Lincoln Club's Vision for San Diego


Special Podcast: Ryan Clumpner and the Lincoln Club's Vision for San Diego

Ryan Clumpner, head of the conservative Lincoln Club, says he might not jump in the minimum wage fight, and reveals what he’d prefer the city invest money in other than a stadium in a special one-hour podcast.

You might expect the executive director of the most prominent conservative political operation in San Diego, the Lincoln Club, to have a passionate, clear position on the minimum wage increase scheduled for next year’s ballot for the city of San Diego. But Ryan Clumpner, who holds that job now and formerly ran Carl DeMaio’s campaign for mayor, is not sure he’ll be fighting the minimum wage hike at all.

It was one of the many rather surprising points he made to me in our special one-hour podcast conversation Tuesday, the latest in a series of them I’ve been collecting. Clumpner offered some specific rebuttals to points that Mickey Kasparian made a couple weeks ago in a similar chat with me.

But most interesting was Clumpner’s take on the Chargers stadium saga. He said it’s clear to him the Chargers want to leave.

Wait until you hear where he’d prefer the city invest the money proposed for a new stadium.

Here’s my conversation with Clumpner, a rising star behind the scenes of the conservative political coalition in San Diego.

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