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Storage Wars: Email vs. Video Edition

Videos tend to be much bigger files than emails. But a cost estimate to store footage from police body cameras is less than what the city says it’ll cost to keep old emails.

Next week, a City Council committee will talk about outfitting police patrol officers with body cameras in response to concerns about racial profiling and other misconduct issues. New Chief Shelley Zimmerman has already gotten $1 million to pay for 400 cameras and related costs.

One number in Zimmerman’s report on the cameras stuck out to me.

Zimmerman estimated it would cost $346,000 for licenses, software and data storage for the 400 cameras. That’s less than another digital storage price tag that has caused some uproar lately. Officials recently estimated it would cost $400,000 to $500,000 to store City Hall emails longer than a year.

New Mayor Kevin Faulconer put on hold the plan to delete city emails older than a year. And SDPD is working out policy details for how the cameras will be implemented.

Anyone who uses a computer knows videos tend to be much bigger files than emails.

Ben Katz, the political director for the Open San Diego advocacy group, has criticized the email storage price tag as way too high.

“Either the email price covers much more than the cost of storage, or we’re not going to be storing too much video,” Katz said.

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